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Oct 3, 2012 3:00am EDT
? >> yes. >> usc on the trojans and the bruins are ucla, and they are probably pis se d you said that. i feel like who ever put that in the script might want you to get hurt. >> i was referring to the fact that they love to make their own coffee. they are brewins. they like to jazz it up with an apostrophe n. we are brew's in. >> the guy who had the anti-gay slur, it doesn't work. mlb is a private entity. they can have whatever speech code he wants. and it is not like he went to jail. he went to jail for a couple games. >> i pointed that out. >> i didn't hear it. >> i saw him writing it on a note. joy actually i think jed -- >> i think jedediah went to great lengths and i had it edited out. >> jim, you did point out that we blame everyone except the muslims who were rioting. >> i love this part of the article. he says, the motives of things like the inthat you sense of muslims is, quote, to show muslims as irrational, violent, and barbaric. it is a good thing there wasn't tan intolerant response. >> when you don't like a movie you should kill people in an embassy. that's a rational wa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1